Vladimir Putin Lifestyle : Putin's salary is so much, but lifestyle will surprise

Putin is being told to have incalculable wealth, on the basis of which he leads a luxurious life.

If you believe the Kremlin, the office of the Russian President, Putin gets a salary of $ 1.40 lakh. In Indian rupees it becomes around Rs 1.05 crore.

The President of Russia has a superyacht named 'Graceful' worth Rs 750 crores. It has been developed by Sevmash, a nuclear submarine maker for the Russian Navy.

When Putin is going somewhere while flying in the sky, not by water, he likes a special aircraft designed in the neo-classical style.

Very few people know that before becoming active in politics, Putin had been a top agent of the KGB, the notorious intelligence agency of the Soviet Union.

It is said that this mansion located on the banks of the Black Sea of Russia is worth more than 1 billion dollars.

Vladimir Putin is 69 years old, but even today he beats the youth in fitness. Behind this is his passion for tough exercise.