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success story of jodhpur cricketer shubham garhwal : After Ravi Bishnoi, another cricketer from Jodhpur has got a chance in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Rajasthan Royals has bought Shubham Garhwal of Jodhpur for Rs 20 lakh. Ravi’s coach Pradyut and Shahrukh have carved Shubham.

Brought Shubham Garhwal from Delhi to Jodhpur

Shubham’s coach Pradyut told that when we started the academy, Shubham was forcibly brought from Delhi to Jodhpur. Prepared by doing practice. Shubham’s parents wanted to teach him, but we knew he was the perfect batsman. This too will go a long way. The coach said that Shubham hits sixes from the heart and not everyone has this quality.

Jodhpur’s Shubham Garhwal is now bought by Rajasthan Royals

Shubham Garhwal’s father runs a grocery store

Shubham lives on Rasala Road in Jodhpur. His father runs a grocery store. Shubham says that after engineering from Jodhpur, he went to Delhi for further studies. In 2015, coaches Pradyut and Shahrukh were forcefully brought from there. Initially, he used to play from college along with the coach.

Shubham told that the coach saw the quality in me and said that my shots are good. He was practiced with the nuances of the same. Since then I practice in the academy for 7 to 8 hours a day. Shubham told that now the family members are also very happy. He has given all the credit to the coach.

Shubham scored 50 runs in 12 balls

Shubham Garhwal scored 50 runs in 12 balls in the Colvin Shield competition held in Jaipur five months ago. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s record was broken.

Shubham Social Media Account

Social Media Name Social Media ID Followers
Instagram Shubham 279k Followers
Facebook Shubham 356k Followers
Twitter Shubham 40.1k Followers

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