Niharika Times most read newspaper in Jodhpur division

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Journalist Sabal Singh Bhati Niharika Times Hindi newspaper and leading Hindi news website Niharika Times have made a place in the hearts of people with their authentic approach and credible information available with the newspaper. The newspaper is reaching a large audience under the guidance of Sabal Singh Bhati, the chief editor of the famous news website.

The brand Niharika Times Group is changing the world of journalism by spreading the truth and making people aware of their surroundings. Being the first evening daily in Jodhpur division of Rajasthan, the newspaper is printing only truth and facts in the minds of the people. With its strong reportage skills and public interest-based stories, the newspaper is attracting public attention and becoming the most read newspaper in India covering all the latest news and updates across all domains.

Niharika Times By Sabal Singh Bhati Bringing A New Face To The Print And Digital Media

In view of the decline in circulation of the country’s leading national newspapers from Covid, Niharika Times was started in the year 2020 to provide important stories and news stories to the general public. One of the main reasons for starting the newspaper was to fulfill the need of Hindi language daily ‘Sandhya Newspaper’. The word ‘nebula’ translates as ‘nebula’ in English which means Galaxy.

Niharika Times Always Stand With Truth

Niharika Times is meticulously working to build a society where only the truth matters. From exposing fake encounters to making people aware of key facts, the newspaper is doing everything. One such fake encounter of Kamlesh Prajapat was exposed by Niharika Times Group on April 22, 2021. The newspaper has established itself as a reliable source in the public eye by relentlessly serving the people’s side and revealing cooked-up stories in demand. to be called out. It’s is one of the fast growing newspapers of India and is attracting a lot of public attention for covering regional stories on crime, murder, politics and policy. Seeing the huge growth, Niharika Times has launched the publication of physical newspapers as well as e-papers. The newspaper is embarking on a successful journalism journey due to its unique content and reality based stories.

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