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Vision for Indias Growth with Japanese Technology

Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard with vision, passion and life goals

Having only limited money and opportunities didn’t stop Mr. Sudesh Rokade from becoming a successful businessman. If you ask how, he would tell you that he is a firm believer of “Dreaming Big” and all it could do for you. In fact, this is how he established Arhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd in 1999, a diversified, industrial, engineering products supply company that has an office in India and Japan. The company is currently working in three major segments such as the Machine Tools & Automation, Assembly Solution with Material Handling, and Japanese Industrial Sourcing divisions. He is the first Maharashtrian to establish own business office in Japan in these engineering fields. Continue reading to find out his inspiring achievement story of creating something from nothing, and all he wants to communicate to aspiring businessmen and brining new opportunities to young talent.

Mr. Sudesh was born in Kolhapur and did his schooling in Kagal, Panhala very small towns where his father was posted for government jobs. Though his father wanted him to become a doctor, his interest was always in engineering. Therefore he went to Kolhapur after his matriculate for further studies and later took a degree in Electronics Engineering. From his teenage years, he had aimed for an international achievement and always tried to take path appropriate to his dream. He always had attraction to Japan in childhood days even when he was not knowing much about Japan. He tells, “It was very difficult for me to choose the right path with only few availabilities, opportunities around me. Our college had few engineering books from foreign countries for advanced engineering. I had more interests in NC machines even before getting graduation. I used to collect American machine magazines from used, scrapped book sellers at Mumbai. I requested many people to send them for me as these were not available in Kolhapur. I had my first opportunity to learn Japanese after joining Engineering. I would also always be grateful to my mother who kept her only gold ornament mangalsutra in mortgage for my studies.”

In 1987, Mr. Sudesh came to Pune in search for a good job where his engineering interests could be fulfilled. He got it in Kirloskar Cummins Ltd. He started simultaneous study of Master of Management and Japanese language at Poona University programs to fulfil his dreams. In constant search for opportunities of international studies and carrier, he applied at various universities in Japan, Netherlands and Germany. He received admission at various universities for different study programs. However at some universities full scholarship was not available and some had other tough other conditions which were not possible to satisfy from India.  After 4 years of continuous efforts, first opportunity of 100% scholarship struck in 1992. But due to bubble burst he could not get engineering sponsorship. Again for next 2 years he had to do continuous efforts at Japanese engineering companies and government offices to get new opportunity. These continuous efforts gave results in September 1994 and then immediate he had to leave for Japan in October 1994 by leaving newly married family for minimum 1 year. He took management and diversified engineering training in Machine Tools, Automation, and Automobile Engineering during scholarship studies.   

After completion of studies and training he returned to India for short visit to fulfil local activities and meet family. Before leaving Japan he already had 3 job offers in hand from reputed Japanese companies. He then decided to get settled in Japan and start activities for next life goals of International carrier. He says, “Getting a decent job in Japanese organization in Japan is very difficult. One has to prove that you can work well with Japanese people and have the ability to offer something special than them. Having Japanese decent job was starting step of international carrier.”  He adds that, while studying, he would always give his 100% and try to absorb as much knowledge as he could. When he began working, he took great efforts to get established with real hard work of working hours from almost daily 8 am to late night 10 or 11 pm. This hard work paid him off by getting trust of Japanese people and more responsibilities of international working for USA, European, Asia markets, as well as more engineering and business knowledge.

Mr. Sudesh tells that there are currently about 27,000 Indians in Japan and he was the first Maharashtrian to start his own office in Japan and flourishing also a business in Pune. Japanese office has all Japanese staff. He says that the reason behind starting a business in Pune was firstly because he knew the city well, and because major automotive industries are around, and there is a great potential for hiring new talent.

When asked about the inception of the idea to establish Arhan, he says “There is major technological, quality systems gap in between Japan and India. I have vision to bring many Japanese technologies to India to enrich our society. I feel only technology can improve lives of our people similar to developed countries. Our first starting point was with small products introduction for improving productivity and built-in quality and now we are giving latest production solutions in India to have process based quality production. Quality production in India would inevitably help in developing country more efficiently.” He adds that he always dreamt of owning a business but knew that he had to do it on his own since his family was financially weak and no other support was expected. He remembers that when he came to Pune and only had Rs. 450 as living costs until getting his first salary and when he went to Japan, he only had $500.

He tells that, currently Arhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the only company in India performing and executing diversified activities such as supplying economical Read More

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Rajeev Bachhao  09 February 2017

I am recently working with Sudesh san and to say it clear, rather learning. He has amazing energy, high motivation and very broad product portfolio to handle and he still so hungry for growth, new ideas, new partnership etc. It shows he has that skyhigh ambitions and courage to keep growing! Congratulations for your success and wish you all the best to mega exponential business growth ahead. Rajeev Bachhao IJBRIDGE Engineering KK, Japan

Ketan Nakhate  07 February 2017

Great story... We proud of you sir....

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