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Sexologist S. Sudhir Sontakke Walking the untrodden path

“When you are determined to pursue your dreams nothing can stop you. Don’t waver from your path, keep walking, there is no rest for a person who lives and loves his/ her dream.”

There are people who step back when its time to combat challenges while some stare straight in the face of challenges and have the strong desire to walk the untrodden path. They are ready to take risks, never bogged down by adversities and eager to achieve the toughest task, each day dawns with positive attitude, which they consistently maintain.
Sexologist S. Sudhir is one such persona who took up the challenge of pursuing a profession which was not formally practiced in India.
In India sexual problems or challenges are not openly discussed. Sex is a taboo topic so no matter how it affects our life emotionally or physically we don’t think about approaching a doctor. And 20 years back it was a huge challenge to accept sexology as a profession. But, S. Sudhir after pursuing MD in psychology was determined to gain knowledge about sexology.
Sexology an unexplored arena in India:
“Many of my friends had sexual problems and didn’t have an outlet to express. They never got a solution or cure as they didn’t know whom to approach and often got misguided.”
At present India is in a midst of a transition, we are moving towards modernization but still stuck with orthodox values which pull us back from progressive life and thinking. Dr. Sudhir Sontakke chose sexology because, he saw that many people in his circle had sexual problems and they had no outlet to express their issues openly. Generally they expressed their issues with friends, whose guidance would not help as they too had limited knowledge. Isn’t it unbelievable that in such a scenario Dr. Sudhir was determined to provide solutions on sexual issues by formally pursuing education in sexology? 20 years back there weren’t any doctors who had formal education in sexology. Often patients were misguided.
Thus, he decided to work in this field, which was least explored in India. Sexology is a branch of psychiatry. Those days people weren’t even receptive or open about psychological issues. If someone had a psychological problem like depression or schizophrenia they would be branded as ‘insane’. In such a scenario to think ahead of times and have the desire, and vision backed with determination to guide people scientifically to live a happy sexual life was an immense challenge. And taking up challenges is what Dr. Sudhir loves.
Sexology is a physical or psychological problem?
“In India sexology was perceived as a psychological issue and was treated by psychiatrists. So patients with sexual issues approached a psychiatrist with the hope to get cured.”
Dr. Sudhir threw some light on this misconception and shared that sexual problems have physical reasons. Research conducted around the world reveals that chunk of sexual problems that people face are due to physical reasons. It is rather a mix of physical and psychological. If you don’t detect the root cause of a problem it is difficult to cure it. Most doctors in India who cured or tackled such patients were doing it out of experience but, lacked formal education. Surprisingly, in India no medical college has any formal course or education in sexology.
Something about sexology that we all need to know:
“Extra-marital affairs are rampant in India, the predominant reason behind this is lack of proper guidance.”
We were curious to know the scope of sexology and its importance in our life. Dr. Sudhir says:
Sexology as a branch of medicine starts dealing with patients from adolescence (which begins at the age of 12 years for girls and 14 years for boys) till the age of 70 years. During teenage where a girl transforms to a woman and a boy transform to a man. At this stage as elders and part of the family, we should be focused at understanding the changes they go through as it is a rather sensitive age. They are vulnerable so there is always a possibility of taking wrong steps and decisions in the fury of youth.
In the Western world these changes start to appear early and Indians are slowly emulating them. In the western society parents are separate units they don’t interfere much in their child’s life as they form another unit. Their cultural fabric is different from Indian society where children and parents constitute one unit. Kids in the western world are independent while here we protect our children throughout their life. Caring and sharing is a part of India culture.
Dr. Sudhir rightly points that if we are so involved with our children then why do we ignore discussing their sexual challenges? This lack of communication between children and parents results into getting misguided. Parents need to be aware about changes in their sexuality, the emotions they go through during these vulnerable years of their life. Mobile and internet has invaded our lives and our children are susceptible to taking wrong steps, which may harm their life forever. It is our responsibility to guide them and sexology starts at this point in everyone’s life.
Schools and colleges play a significant role in molding children’s life. Even if we don’t impart detailed knowledge there is a dire need to share with them basic facts about how to shield themselves. In an arranged marriage setup partners don’t know much about each other. Pre-marital sex counseling is a must where they share each other’s challenges if any and solutions. Instead of digging into horoscopes they should consult a sexologist to get proper guidance and basic knowledge about how to maintain a happy sexual relation.
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