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Nothing is gained without efforts and knowledge

Dr. Nitin Dhande’s life is a perfect example that proves, “Continuous efforts will encourage the potential in you. And your skills and knowledge will lead you to success.”

Dr. Nitin Dhande, a renowned Pathologist has been practicing successfully from last 28 years in Pune. Here is his journey about rising from zero to establishing 8 collection centers in the city.

Early and personal life:

Dr. Nitin Dhande was born in Yawal and brought up in Pune. His father came to Pune from Jalgaon in 1958 and was working in LIC at the mere salary of Rs. 150/ month. Dr. Dhande has two sisters, Meena is elder to Dr. Dhande and Pratibha is the younger sister. Dr. Dhande and his wife Manasi, a BCoM graduate has two sons, elder one is Ashish and younger one is Mayur. Ashish has opted for MD in pathology and will be doing his specialization in it. Currently, he is contributing his time in lab and learning under the shadow of his father. Mayur has pursued BTech from VIT in mechanical branch and has worked in TATA technology and is currently studying Product Designing in Italy.

Education is the window for career:

He studied in Marathi medium in Bal Shikshan Mandir from 1st - 4th std, Vimlabai Garware Highschool from 5th - 11th std and  completed 12th std from Abasaheb Garware College. He had always been a topper and an all rounder throughout his academics. He participated in different sports activities like Kho-Kho, High Jump, Table Tennis, Volleyball, running etc, elocution competitions and more.

After his 12th he gave entrance and interview for engineering and medical as well. Though he had performed well in engineering interview and was on 29th place, he opted for medical where he was on 77th place. It was everybody’s wish especially his mother’s to see him become a doctor, as no one from the family was in this profession and they wished there should be one. He never disliked any stream; he knew he could do good whichever discipline he would choose. He took admission in BJ Medical College, Pune and passed MBBS in 1983. After that he did MD in Pathology which he passed in 1987. Being a brilliant student throughout, he could receive scholarships which helped him finish his academics.

After completion of MBBS he was unsure about the selection of the specialization stream. He was getting admission for MD Medicine, MS General Surgery, could have got a post for Gynecologist. But he opted for Pathology. He had interest in it and had also ranked 1st in Pathology from University. In those times admission could be seek on the basis of MBBS score, only in intra-universities and seats were also limited. His families financial condition and his fathers retirement in three years was another reason for him to choose the Pathology stream.  He had thought of starting a laboratory and was assured that patients would turn up from first day and earning would begin which would help make better the financial conditions too.


Satisfaction is the result of efforts:

Dr. Dhande belonged to a middle class family of 12-15 family members. They all would stay in a two room outhouse of a bunglow.  Sometimes he had to sleep under bed, studying on same bed where his father would accompany him with his readings. Though they had less money, it was never a distraction for him; neither he envied other rich friends nor was he dissatisfied by his life. He gives the credit for this to the way in which his parents brought him. He tells his father took lots of pains and efforts for the family, he never made them feel insufficiency for anything. Narrating few incidents about saving money he tells, “ to  pay my uncle’s college fees my father had stooped taking milk for one time. Also, once he cancelled taking a policy for paying my trip fees.” But they all were happy and satisfied. He grew up in airy and green surroundings of the bunglow which consisted various fruits and flower trees; had good neighbours and friends.


Desire and efforts leads to the goal:

Dr. Dhande’s mother had always adviced him not to work in partnership and he also agreed to that. He had complete family support for his dream. When he chose Pathology as his career option, people had demotivating opinions like its a para clinical branch, one do not come in direct contact with patients, etc. But, he had strongly decided to go for it and now he doesn’t repent it. He says, this branch gives him chance to interact with patients directly, diagnose them and also to consult them. Pathology deals with all disciplines of medical like medicine, gynecology , pediatrics, orthopedics, etc. It’s an interesting branch and has many challenges. This branch gives him job satisfaction.


While doing MD, Dr. Dhande had decided to do  his private practice because he was uncomfortable and didn’t wanted to get stuck into politics in government services. He wanted to apply his skills in private practice; as  decisions as well as responsibilities are of your own. Expenditure decisions are taken by own.  To fulfill his dream, he was doing registrarship or residency while pursuing MD. He was doing it for gaining experience and earnings too. His duty would began at 8.30 am to 5 pm which consisted teaching, practicing and studying after that would also do emergency shift from 5pm to 8am in the next morning. Every alternate night he did not sleep. He says, “This helped imbibe  hardship and increased mental strength.” From the earnings he bought a scooter for himself and Rs 11,,000 had left. In 1987 he completed his MD.

He agrees that private practice takes time to establish but has a bright future for you.  He tells to begin practice he needed some capital to invest hence he did lectureship at  BJ medical college and simultaneously kept looking for a location for laboratory. He got a place for which he had to pay Rs. 40,000 in advance and he had only 11,000 from his savings. His father helped him by borrowing Read More

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