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Narendra Barhate

Speaking with Narendra Barhate is like running a marathon; he infuses energy into you with unstoppable enthusiasm, which doesn’t fade even for a moment.

Speaking with Narendra Barhate is like running a marathon; he infuses energy into you with unstoppable enthusiasm, which doesn’t fade even for a moment.
His sense of humour and candid nature makes you feel at home. His knowledge and undeterred energy baffles you to instantly make you realize that you haven’t unearthed your hidden potential. Narendra takes you on a trip of his inspirational life, reflecting his immense grit that shines as armour of a brave warrior.
It is unbelievable what we can achieve if we believe in ourselves. The depth of our potential is unfathomable and our mind is the best resource that we have, whose potential stays unexplored. Narendra Barhate the Co-Founder, CEO and Managing Director of SEED Infotech has realized this fact. So he is making constant efforts to keep learning to unearth his hidden potential.                                                     

Born in a modest background he has never shunned hard work and shaped his life with dogged determination. Challenges have hovered his life but, the will to take them head-on has helped him achieve success amongst storms of adversities. Narendra Barhate was born in Padalse a small village near Bhuswal (in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state). All the previous generations of Barhate family were farmers. But, a change in Barhate family came when his father took up the challenge of moving away from farming to venture into a job at the age of 20 years. His first job was that of a cleaner, which fetched him Rs. 25 per month. Then he worked in the Maharashtra State Electricity Board and consequently got transferred to Pune. His father was educated till 11th standard and mother till 7th standard but, they always encouraged Narendra to keep learning.                                                           


Narendra pursued education in Pune; from 1st to 4th standard he went to Bal Shikshan Mandir School at Bhandarkar Road, Pune. The city of Pune hadn’t grown much, nor was it well connected and transport facilities were minimal. Narendra’s family lived in Kharkee, so travelling to school was quite a long and arduous journey but, Narendra speaks about it with lot of fondness. When he shares his childhood memories it is vivid that he had an unforgettable and happy childhood. As Narendra narrates about his childhood he seems to be absolutely immersed in its memories. What he could achieve later on in his life is due to his parent’s values which were inculcated in him providing him the courage to face the most adverse challenges of life.
Narendra’s family often faced financial challenges but, his parents didn’t let their children feel the pinch of it. During summer holidays his whole family visited their village where he enjoyed working on the fields and interacted with all types of people with varied backgrounds. Thus, even today he has the skill to interact with all levels of people with ease.
Narendra got a bit insightful when he shared with us about the plight of farmers. He said that he understands the severity and the repercussion of a poor rainfall, which heckle Indian farmers and disrupt their life.
Values that build the edifice of a successful and happy life:
Values are not ornaments to be flaunted they are tools, which give you the strength to face adverse challenges of life.
“No one is big or small and you cannot achieve anything without hard and smart work”, says Narenda.                              
 His father worked in three shifts and if his shift started at 7 am he would reach his place of work at 6.30 or 6.45 am thus when Narendra reaches late anywhere by even a second he gets restless. Some values are instilled deep in us, which we carry all our lives. His mother had a unique ability to network and develop connect with people.
Narendra says that a vegetable vendor Gafoor mama came home to sell vegetables at their home in Pune. By the time he reached home it would be afternoon and he would have lunch at Narendra’s house. His mother never carried any caste prejudices in her mind and treated every human being equal. Infact at every Ramadan the family used to visit Gafoor mama’s home for a feast. Even today he visits Narendra’s home to enquire about his family.
Brought up in a modest background Narendra’s family lived in a 450 sq.ft. house. Guests always graced their home. Even if a guest would visit at any hour his mother would start cooking instantly without complaining even a bit. He realized that most relations begin when you offer food to someone. His father was passionate and focussed at work; he never took holidays. In 40 years of service his father was promoted only once. This didn’t discourage him nor did he ever think about putting less effort at work. He worked with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Values that he picked from his father were; respect time, never be late, work hard and don’t get addicted to any vices.
At his native place he watched children from lower caste  families being treated in a gruellingly insulting manner. For example, when there was a feast at someone’s house their children had to eat the leftovers besides stray dogs nibbling it too. Narendra has witnessed this stark discrimination, which he despises so when he started his organization he inscribed respect for all as one of its values.                                                                  Read More
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