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Milan Supanekar An Optimistic Opportunist

Mr. Milan Supanekar is an optimist possessing a power to envision an opportunity and a quality to grab it at the right moment. His confidence and such qualities also availed him to bring new technologies of welding sector into India.

Mr. Milan Supanekar has correctly followed in actions a saying by famous novelist Ayn Rand which says, “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” Milan Supanekar grabbed almost every opportunity that walked to him in his career till now. This vision of developing self and walking towards success is the secret of Mr. Milan.


Mr. Milan’s family belongs from Supne village in Karad and came to Walchannagar when his father started working in Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. He was raised in Walchandnagar, where engineering and research is in the atmosphere and obviously he also opted for Mechanical Engineering as his academic career. While pursuing his engineering degree in Pune he did his internship at Walchandnagar Industries Ltd for six months. He never wished to have a routine work-life but his family wanted him to join Tata Motors as one of his relative’s was working there and also for the matter of experience he began searching for job after completion of course. When he approached another of his uncle for career advice, Mr. Milan explained his reason behind working and also told about his wish to work in sales and marketing sector. He tells, “I always saw my father and his colleagues meticulously dressed with tie which always fascinated me and hence wanted to go in that field.” His uncle suggested him to visit Kirloskar Consultants Ltd. He got the job as trainee site engineer and was sent to a notorious place near Shaktinagar in Uttar Pradesh as the company had taken piping and pump house project. He worked in worst conditions like looting, setting up their quarters on fire, etc. While narrating his very first such incident he tells, “I had just reached my quarter and was looking around at the scenic site and saw some people with fire torches running towards us. Suddenly a minute later the jeep that had dropped me at the quarter picked me and we went to police station. That was my first ever incident and I was baffled and unaware about the situation. Later understood that such incidents kept happening and this one was for the quarrel between the supervisor and the labour. After two days when we went back, everything was burned. And soon had to accept in nine months that it was the routine.” 


It took two months for Mr. Milan to adjust and learn every task from his responsibility. He has so much adjusted with labours too that the project which was supposed to get over in 11 months was completed in 8 months. He tells that the workers would waste their working hours in sleeping or doing nothing and would start working in late hours so that they can earn extra time money. But, Mr. Milan convinced them that if they would work in their working hours then he can manage to pay them one hour extra charge behind every four working hours as an incentive. And this is how he manged to make those labours work and also achieve the target work before time. Seeing his efficiency and capabilities he was called back and offered a profile of his choice i.e in Market Research in Pune. Though he had liked being at his site, he had to handover his work and go back.   


Mr. Milan worked at market research for some years. But his interest was more in the core sales and marketing profile then as an analyst or consultant. While thinking about resigning he heard about walk-in interview for a post of sales engineer at an American multi-product company, ITW which had recently begun in India. Just to give it a shot he went for the interview and seeing other candidates who belonged to the welding sector he thought to himself that this job wasn’t for him and he decided to leave. When he went to the receptionist to inform, an organiser of interviews encouraged him to wait by saying that if he had come so far then he shouldn’t leave this way. Immediately after few moments Mr. Milan was called for interview, though he was worried he answered very uniquely and confidently which the interviewers were looking for. He was selected and was asked to join from the next day but Mr. Milan knew this would be unethical and refused to do so. Seeing his honesty interviewers gave him a months time for resigning at his other job. He tells, “I was terribly in shock because though I was from different field, I was selected from 250 candidates who belonged to the welding technology field. And this was when I was introduced to welding technology field. This incident also made my belief that anything can happen in life.”      


Mr. Milan tells that for initial six months he was a failure. Though he was performing sincerely, it wasn’t judged. But his senior encouraged and adviced him to analyse self and his mistakes or points where he lacked. This helped him to learn marketing tricks from his seniors. He improved so much than within 6 months the change was seen in his performance. This lead to his promotion as Area Sales Manager. In his working period of two years in the company he met many people who guided him. He was groomed well, learnt skill of convincing people, to do result oriented work and mainly that there is no alternative for efforts and hardwork. He tells that this was the learning for the lifetime and built a foundation for an entrepreneur inside him. 


While working at ITW he had developed an efficiency in repairing and maintainence in welding segment. At the same time ESAB, a welding technology company was also planning to expand their activities in the sector and hence were looking for an expert. Through some of the business associates Mr. Milan was introduced to the top management of ESAB and was offered a job for catering sugar mills in Maharashtra. Again this was the time when Mr. Milan needed change in job and the opportunity had come to him. At this job he was introduced to welding technologies in sugar factories. But, as the venture was new and was slowly proceeding Read More

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Mr Nanoobhai Patel  20 March 2017

Having read the interview in full, I am impressed with Milan’s achievements to date but not surprised. I first met Mr Milan Supaneker almost 10 years ago in Pune whilst visiting my friend, who happens to be his cousin. My first impression of Milan when he showed me around his newly formed Company WTI was that he had the “je ne sais quoi” about him but one just knew that he was destined for greater things. As the years went by I had the opportunities to meet him many more times, which developed in to a close friendship. As his name suggests SUPANE-KER which to me translates as “Dream Maker” this perhaps is no coincidence according to what he has achieved to date. Milan doesn’t just dreams, he believes in himself and follows it with real passion and turns them into a reality. In my view Milan has a God gifts of being at the right place at the right time with vision to recognise and courage to follow his instinct. To date Milan has placed not just Pune but India on the map in the field of Welding Technology by taking bold steps and convincing international business such as Panasonic to select WTI as the main distributor of Panasonic Welding equipment in India. Along the way he has managed to obtain major customer base such as Tata Motors and JCB which is no small feat. As a Gujarati and a close friend of Milan, I am proud to say that it took India’s PM Mr Modi to recognise Milam’s achievements that I believes are well deserved. I have found Milan to be honest, caring, always willing to put himself out for others and a dedicated family man, whom I have had the privilege to know as a friend but also as a wonderful human being. I wish Mr Milan many more success in the future and believes that he will go from strength to strength in time to come. As one would say “this is just a beginning, so watch this space because the best is yet to come”. Nanoobhai Patel, UK.

Sangeeta Barsode  11 March 2017

Congratulations! Milan Feeling so proud that you're my Best friend. After reading your interview I must say that you're a person full of good qualities which should be in Entrepreneur. Because of sincere efforts, perfectness today you're a successfull businessman.

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