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Man with Green Energy

This is the story of a person who struggled to pay mere Rs. 20 for his tuition fees in his childhood & now catering a group order of nearly 300 crores, that too in a field of non-conventional energy source.

To be born as a human is a blessing and if we want to make sure that this human life is worthy then we should love our life and be ready to take all the efforts to make it fruitful. Then and only then the purpose of life is achieved.
Successful industrialist Mr Sanjay Dinkar Deshmukh’s life story is definitely a source of inspiration for all of us.
Sanjay was born in Rethare Budruk village in Karad Taluka of Satara district on 13th Dec 1970. He was being brought up under the watchful eyes of his parents, Dinkar and Malan. But the real shaping of his character began in village Kasegaon of Valva Taluka, where he studied in Jilha Parishad school till fourth standard. A very bright student from the start Sanjay Deshmukh was granted the scholarship in fourth standard. Sanjay was brought up in a joint family. Out of two paternal uncles one was the sarpanch and other one was working with Karad Panchayat Samiti. They both had presence in political and social arena. His father was more into agriculture and did not complete his education. The joint family principle of listening and obeying the head of the family was followed in Sanjay’s home. Till 7th he had a happy childhood and nothing to complain about.
After some time the joint family was seperated and it was start of real difficult times for Sanjay’s family. It was not possible to sustain on his father’s meager earnings from agriculture, so much that 20 Rs. Tution fee was unaffordable. Once it happened that this hard earned amount of 20 rs was misplaced by Sanjay, he felt devasted and under a lot of pressure. He even told his mother. After searching again frantically he somehow found the misplaced 20 rs. Today, even though his business has a turn over of Crores of rupees, Sanjay Deshmukh does get emotional while talking about this misplaced 20 Rs.
There were a lot of difficulties but Sanjay was creating his own path through them. He had the committment and the will to take all the required efforts. He secured top rank in his 10th Standard. While he was contemplating on how to take his career ahead, Rajakka Suryavanshi, his sister suggested diploma course in electronics. The era around 1986 was just the start of electronics age. Moreover, by pursuing the diploma course, he wouldn’t be appearing for 11th and 12th. Fear regarding english language was overcome by Sanjay’s hard work.
College life started and Sanjay Deshmukh’s personality and character began to take shape. 10 Rs were to be kept aside for travel expenses to visit the village in vacations and remaining amount for mess and other needs. Vasantdada college was a private institution which had students from all over the state. Sanjay used to buy the snacks items espcially the ’Bhaji Wade’ at 50% discount by convincing the mess owner that food might be wasted if not sold. His business sense was quite visible even during the college days. Three years of college were quite funfilled and yet he completed the three year diploma course in the first attempt. Electronics engineering diploma holder, Sanjay Dinkar Deshmukh, became pride of the village.
Always on the look out for something new and exciting, Sanjay visited Karhad's Kohinoor Technical Insititue not realizing what that visit would led to. He had visited the institue quite casually on a holiday and given his information through informal discussions. That visit resulted in him receiving the interview call for a teaching position at the instititue. Sanjay had a keen interest in teaching and that too for the rural students. During the interview he explained the electronics concept of 'Conductor' in such simple words that all the students in the class actually demanded that he be selected as their teacher and no one else.
This was start of Sanjay's professional career and he became Sanjay Dinkar Deshmukh Sir! State transport travel from Kasegao to Karhad, maths tutions within the village, a wage of 750 rs for the lectures.. the taste of 5 rs dosa in R.K. Hotel used to feel much more due to the self earned money. He really enjoyed those 6 months of teaching experience.
On 31st December 1990 all his friends had gathered in Pune. This was the first Pune visit of Sanjay. One of his friends from Mumbai couldn't make it so Sanjay went to Mumbai as well. His brother in law, Vinayak Suryavanshi, suggested him to meet owner of an electronics company in Pune. Such was the destiny that they had one vacant position and Sanjay was selected. On 7 Jan 1991 Sanjay started his electronics job at a salary of 850 rs per month. Basic needs like stay and food were easily manageable but it was trying time in Sanjay's life. Away from home in a big city, he was many times left embarassed due to his rural background, but that did not deter his ambition of making it big. He never thought of quitting. After a while he started receiving work which needed travel to Mumbai. Everything around him was new, yet his interest and passion in learning new things was encouraged by his mentor, S V Joshi Sir. Sir even taught him how to use fax machines during that time. Sanjay still remembers and respects Joshi Sir's contribution in his life. It was because of Sir, he was able to buy a car and his hectic journey from Erandwana to Mudhwa which needed him to change four buses, became a lot easier and convenient. After a while he got opportunity to work in Import function within purchase department. True to his fearless nature, Sanjay made quick progress in this new opportunity and successfully delivered various tasks of surveying the sugar factories, marketing, data controlling.. there was no stopping Sanjay's march towards his goals.
Young age, yet big dreams, good networking skills and contacts with the Pawar family, the readiness of doing honest hardwork, the ever learning attitude and passion towards the process industry..all was leading him to new horizons in his professional life. He started small, rented so Read More

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