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Life long benefits of investing in values

Resigning a higher position and well-paid job at Kirloskar Oil Company, Mr. Yashwant Desai started-up Perinial Pvt. Ltd with very small capital. Lets us listen from him the success journey of Perinial Pvt. Ltd.

Every year number of students opting for business and industrial studies is increasing. But, the number of young businessmen/businesswomen is comparatively less and unsatisfactory. After analysing this scenario, a mind-set of preferring job which is safe and secured over business which is risky, is seen. Also, society is still under some misleading ideas like business needs huge investments, experience and man-power; or only cunning but smart and selfish can do business. Unfortunately, negativity is observed in the same Marathi business and industrial sector where a Mr S L. Kirloskar was honoured with the Padmabhushan title for his work and values in the sector. We are bound to do jobs because we are not risk takers.
For the development of Indian business and industrial sector many successful business Guru's have given mantras from their experiences. But very few are ready to take risk in business and implement those mantras in it. Also, few are carrying the legacy of successful business started by Mr. S L. Kirloskar in Marathi business industry. Mr. Yashwant Desai, founder of Perinial Pvt.Ltd is one of those.

Mr. Desai took a leap in Energy Retail sector and today Perinial Pvt.Ltd is known as the most preferred company in India. A company founded by a person belonging to a farmer family which values education system has today employed approx. 70-80 highly educated people and more than 100 technically sound employees. He was born in Paparde village situated on the riverbed of Koyana river in Patan tal., Satara. His grandfather had a small business which inspired him to dream for having his own business.

Mr. Desai studied till 10th std in a school established by Karmaveer Bhaurau Patil in Patan tal. In the whole family, only Yahwant and his elder brother Krushnaji were taking education. Though their family couldn't give them career guidance, their school teachers guided them on every stage and point of the schooling. All the children in the village were highly educated. This is the perfect example of the education system of that time, where it was believed that a teacher conscientious is the backbone of children's success. Though Mr. Desai was growing in a wisdom oriented surrounding he was never serious about studies earlier. But some situations changed him which made him persistent about achieving higher education. His grandfather would always insist them on coming 1st in their class, for which Krushnaji would always be the first to take efforts. This competition inspired Yashwant to study hard. They both would study in the quiet, with fresh air and green surroundings of their farm which helped them improve their concentration in studies. He has always followed the elderly wisdom of becoming successful in every work he does. Be it his grandfather's urge for him to come first or his comparison with his brother; be it studying in farms or Koyna earthquake and its aftermath, in every situation he always tried to be optimistic. These days, even after the availability of all the luxuries and facilities children complain and give reasons for their failure. Instead, every child should take inspiration from Mr. Desai.
In 7th std, Yashwant scored full marks in Mathematics. In the question paper, a question was 'solve any seven from ten', he solved all the ten and wrote a note in his answer sheet saying 'please check any seven from ten'. This is a perfect instance to describe his confidence. In 1975, for the first time 10th board exams were conducted and he passed with flying colours. His family members wanted Krushnaji to become a doctor and Yashwant to be an engineer. But, due to some reasons Krushnaji couldn't get admission for medical. Hence, their family wanted Yashwant to fulfill their dream. Yashwant gave his best, and he became eligible to take admission in all the 6-7 engineering colleges in Maharashtra. He took it in Government Engineering College, Karad which was near to his village. He had very helpful lecturers in college too. Students having fluency in English gave him complex but he took it as challenge and overcame that fear too.
A kids surroundings in which he grows up plays a vital role in his up-bringing and growth. Mr. Desai's paternal uncle and many others in Satara were freedom fighters. Stories and experiences about the freedom struggle from all these fighters mesmerized all the kids and helped imbibe in them love for the nation. This nation-love triggered Mr. Desai to take exams for Service Selection Board Air Force, Bangalore in his third year of engineering. But he lacked in general knowledge and communication skills and couldn't pass it. Later, he worked on his weaknesses and focused on his engineering completely. From his experience, he advises the students of today to participate in all the college activities for their personality development.

In third year of engineering during job campus selection Mr. Desai was selected for 3 high profile government posts. But he feared that someday like many others he will also get caught in the vicious circle of corruption and hence denied all the three offers. He was also selected at a renowned company ‘L&T’ but due its posting in Mumbai he rejected that offer too. In 1981, he was destined to join Kirloskar Oil Engine Company which proved to be a turning junction in his life. Approx. 100 engineering freshers were selected at the company. But as they were trainees, higher staff would not pay much attention to them which resulted in less work and disappointment of the students. Mr. Desai couldn’t resist the situation and along with his friends he began a small movement to get attraction of Mr S. L Kirloskar. And obviously it happened; Mr. Kirloskar asked the reason and truth came forward. Seeing the trainees’ willingness to learn, Mr. Kirloskar spent approx. Rs. 50,000 for arranging special training programme for the whole batch. Later training was conducted at different companies lik Read More

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