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Galaxy to Cosmos in just two decades

Cosmos Construction Machineries and Equipments Private Limited is established with the bricks of endeavour, calculated risks and foresightedness of Mr Janak Shah.

At a young age of 15, he had planned for his future, had his principles chalked down for his plans and a clear vision to achieve it. Mr. Janak Shah born and raised in a Gujarati family of Shukrawar Peth, Pune with five younger siblings had his own path to choose.


Mr. Shah’s father had a factory which was bankrupted and had to close it. Being the eldest son, Mr. Shah had to take job immediately after completion of his BCom from BMCC. It had become his responsibility to take care of family and to improve their financial condition. He began working as a clerk in a company at Bhosari with the mere payment of Rs. 300. With a smile of content on face he recalls, “I still remember my mother’s face lit with happiness when I handed my first salary to her. She took it but gave me Rs. 5 from my salary as she knew that I would spend it wisely.”


Mr. Shah commuted to work by his bicycle for almost 1 and 1/2 years as he couldn’t even afford money for his bus fare. He recalls the happiness when he was given Luna by his company and how he sat with his first vehicle for whole night because of fear of somebody stealing it.


When they were bankrupt, Mr. Shah was mature enough to analyse what went wrong which caused them the loss. He says that he doesn’t wont to blame anybody, then be it his father who trusted people too much or those who deceived his father. He adds, “I learnt that when you own a business, a proper attention should be given at every stage, negligence towards work should be avoided as anyone could take advantage of you.”   


When Mr. Shah took up job he had decided to himself that this is not going to be his future, because he wanted to do business. But he also knew that firstly he needs to gain knowledge and ideas to begin business. While working as a clerk he would take rounds on the floor shop of the company, help others, learn from them, this all increased his attachment with people in the company. Though he was from a BCom background he learnt engineering skills there. These qualities of him soon made him General Manager of that fabrication factory. But all this time he hadn’t forgot his dream and after 4 years he resigned from the job though he was given the proposal for appraisal. He tells, “I asked my owner only for his blessings and requested that in case I fail then he would take me back. I also promised him that before leaving I would finish all my work, and after starting my business won’t make similar product to his, nor would take any of his workers, suppliers or clients.”       


Mr. Shah had foresight about the boom in the construction industry. Hence, he decided to manufacture consumer product like centriplate required for slabbing with 3 employees. His business orders grew from 100 per month to 400 in just few initial months. He took a suppliers help to raise the capital for his business and also assured him that he will pay it back soon. And he proudly tells that from last 30 years he has been doing business with that supplier. He named his company Galaxy.


He had worked up a simple strategy of repaying the burrowed money immediately after he earns it. He believes that the money earned is not completely yours. For instance, if you earn Rs. 100 then Rs. 5 is your own and remaining has shares of workers for their salaries, banks and people from whom capital is burrowed. If you by any chance spend a single extra penny then your share then think that something is definitely unbalanced. He says, “Today people earn or take loans for establishing their business but instead they spend it on their lavish needs like AC offices. And it takes nothing to stumble upon a situation like there are no earnings, business is in loss and burden of loan is still not cleared.” He proudly tells that he never was a man of lavishness hence could give his earnings to his mother. When he started his business, three paint barrels was his table but still he could work.


Mr. Shah tells that he was afraid to take steps or decisions. He would take time for deciding and once decided he would never turn back. He never regretted any of his decisions right from leaving his first job till now because he tell, “I was and I’m confident about my skills. Even in business, I knew that if I could do well in the very first month then I can definitely continue doing it.”


Galaxy was multiplying its business gradually. In 1980, Mr. Shah took place for his factory in Bhosri MIDC when hardly anybody would go there because of dense forest. Because of workload he would sometimes had to stay there for two days. When mixer was in demand he got one, opened it to see how its made and began manufacturing similar once at cheap rates but with quality. He tells that neither he himself or his employees were engineers to design a product but it was their skills and practical knowledge that helped them. He knew that this way his range of products will grow and space will a constraint so before that condition would come, he purchased another place behind the older ones.


1985 Mr. Shah went to Germany for business. While wandering he came across an iron door frame which wasn’t available in India. He purchased 50 frames and  machinery required for it. Back in India, he manufactured similar product and met constructors to explain the products efficiency. He would carry the door frame on his scooter with the helper. His first order was of 10 frames which was on trail basis. And the number increased to 200 frames. One of his firsts clients friend too liked the product and gave order of 500 frames along with the advance capital.


Mr. Shah was the first in Pune to introduce iron door frames in the industry. They were cheaper and easily available than wooden frames. The demand kept increasing and builders were also happy with it.

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