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DeepMala: A ray of hope for many

It's the story of Deepmala, the legendary music teacher. You might think what's so special in this? If you want to know just go through her story.

DEEPMALA:  A ray of hope for many…
Deepmala Lohade is one exceptional person. One look at her profile leaves you feeling awed. When one reads the list of many first prizes in National level singing competitions, that she is a winner of three awards for Best Music teacher for last three years, someone who has been judging music competitions at national levels and also for radio Mirchi. One starts to feel that we need to know more about her. And when you find out that this awesome woman has been blind since birth all that you can do, is feel astonished! This is exactly what happened with our team.    

Deepmala Prakash Lohade, born in a modest Marwari family in Aurangabad some thirty years back was welcomed with playing of a Band. In Lohade family only boys were born for almost seven generations. This was the only girl born after seven generations so Deepmala’s birth was celebrated with much fanfare. She being blind did not deter her parents from giving her a happy and near normal childhood.
Initially they explored all possible options for the medical treatment to cure her blindness but when they realised that there is no solutions offered by the medical treatment, they accepted the fact and started Deepmala on a journey of empowerment and self-reliance.
First was her education. They wanted her to learn Braille and be in an atmosphere which is conducive to education. DeepMaladid go to a school that was for blind students called Taramati Bafna School for the blind. However, it was a residential school but Deepmala’s parents insisted on her being a day scholar. Being a day scholar means living in a sighted world, taking a transport to school and back home. This was a deliberate decision by her parents as they knew that she had to negotiate the sighted world and keep her in residential school would only limit her abilities to deal with the sighted world. Salute to the foresight of Deepmala’s parents.
Deepmala’s parents are religious so they visit temple regularly. Deepmala used to accompany them as a child. She used to sing very well at a very young age. Singing at the mike kept in temples was a favourite pastime when DeepMala was a young child. On one such occasion a music teacher named Sivram Gosavi was passing by. He heard a little girl singing and came inside the temple. There she was, DeepMala singing to her heart’s content. Gosavi sir met her parents and told them that this girl has a gift of music in her. He offered to teach and thus DeepMala entered the world of music at the age of four. After two years Gosavisir also started giving her lessons in playing the harmonium.                                                                                                                                      
At the Bafana School, she participated and won many prizes in singing competitions. However, her parents did not want to limit her to a Blind school. They wanted her to go to a school for sighted children. After theseventh standard, Deepmala’s parents decided to shift her to Pune. They wanted her to have a city exposure and also to study in a sighted children’s school. They admitted her in ahostel for blind girls and her school was Mahilashram School which is a school for sighted children.
Though Deepmala was used to living away from her parents for three-four days, as she used to travel for competitions, living in a hostel was a different experience. Deepmala herself is blind but was not used to living with other blind girls so often they would dash into each other while movingaround and such things. But Deepmala says it was all fun and she quickly adapted to it. Here she continued her music training and started appearing for Gandharv Mahavidyalaya examinations in Music.
At Mahilashram School too, she participated in many competitions and won many laurels. School also arranged for teachers who could teach blind students. She also met many nice people who would help her as a reader. However, there were many other experiences which toughened Deepmala and helped her make her resolve firm. Writing an examination with the help of a writer was once such experience. The writer who was scheduled to come did not show up on the dayof the exam. By the time another writer was identified and came to write, one and ahalf hour of the three hours exam was over. Deepmala was so determined that she could complete the three hours paper in that remaining one hand half hour.  Here resolve till date is `I am born with the disability package. It will remain with me until the end. I need to march ahead with it.’    


The hostel for blind girls also organised an orchestra. All the performers, comperes, musicians were blind girls;Deepmala was the lead Singer in this orchestra. They performed all over Maharashtra and were quite a rage. Bakresir took a lot of efforts in preparing this orchestra, rehearsing with the girls. This exposure nurtured the singers in Deepmala and she became quite a pro in performing on stage.
Deepmalascored stood first amongst the blind students in the tenth board examination.                                                                               Read More

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Very inspiring

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