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Precision in thinking, in goals, in relations and in business is the forte of Mr. Pradeep Rastogi, founder of Precision Weighing System

Life cannot be easy going all the time. It can anytime hit hard upon you, but you have to retaliate harder because it’s your life. Mr. Pradeep Rastogi had realized this right in his childhood. Born in 1971 in Sambhal village of Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Rastogi’s mother died when he was 2 months old and the fate turned more evil when his father too died in a road accident when Mr. Rastogi was just 5 years old. He was a single child and was later raised by his paternal grandmother. He tells that financially they were not strong hence had to give three rooms of their house on rent and they would stay in one room. Their monthly expenses and his fees till 12th standard were paid in that money. To help his grandmother, he would take tuition too. His elder paternal uncle also helped them and paid his fees for engineering. He says, “As I was growing I always felt that I should do something good. I felt, whatever one receives or gains in life should be passed to the world in a better form. One has to carry forward what they have.”  


Mr. Rastogi completed his Engineering in Electronics from Udgir, Maharashtra in 1992. While studying he thought that some of his expenses should be managed by his own. College had a policy of giving five subject books for free to the students who would pass in first class. To avail that opportunity, Mr. Rastogi studied hard and got first class and saved his expenses for his books. In third and final year too, he studied even harder and passed with distinction. Remembering his times, he tells, “Youngsters should realize that they shouldn’t be dependent on their parents for longer. They should understand the efforts teken by their parents. They should do something which would make their parents feel proud of.”       


From 1992-1996 Mr. Rastogi worked in Delhi and in 1996 he came to Pune for job purpose. That time, he says, Pune was a better city in terms of opportunities, a better place to live and good people. Also, Maharashtra wasn’t a strange place for him as he had earlier stayed here for his studies. He also got married in the same year with a Delhi girl, Ruchi Rohatgi.   


In two years, the company he worked for closed their Pune office but offered him to represent the company on incentive basis. It was his young zeal to try the offer and he accepted it. As he was married, his minimum requirement for living was Rs.  3000/month. His experience into sales, his degree and especially his after sales service helped him get business. This continued for 2-3 months. He thought if he had so much potential then why not to start his own business. And in 1999, he kick-started ‘Precision Weighing Systems’. He says, “I never had plans for having a business of my own. It was very accidental. And I named it Precision because whatever we are giving is accurate and precise” Also, trust gained from previous clients encouraged him to do business.  


In 1999, Precision Weighing Systems was sales and service providers and in 2004 they began manufacturing under the name of Kunal Enterprises. He tells, “In business one has to take efforts in the beginning & has to show and prove what one can do.” He adds that weighing instrument is a capital product and customers would take time to trust; hence, he had to assure them about his experience and qualification, show them that he had passed with distinction consecutively for two years and then they would get confidence and get agree. He would also commit that work would be done efficiently and in time.


Precision’s first c1ient from 1999 was Siporex India Ltd. Till 2003 they provided the company after sales service and in 2004 sold own manufactured product to them. It was the trust that was built over all these years. 


In 2007, Precision got work orders for Golden Quadrilateral i.e. a highway network connecting four metros in India. Work began and as infrastructure was in boom, they got more orders. He says it was the best period for their business development. They also got contracts from Hyderabad, where number of infrastructure contractors is high. He tells, “People in Hyderabad never work with prejudice and I am very thankful to work with them. They give chance to even a new person. They kept so much trust in me that they made 90% payment even before dispatch.” They got orders from Maytas Infra (now ILFS Engineering), Simplex Infra Ltd. and many more. A surprising fact was that these companies had never met Mr. Rastogi; it was the goodwill and mouth to mouth publicity of his company which won him orders over only phone conversation.


Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. is a Kolkata based company for whom Precision had worked in Kolhapur for a contract of Rs. 1, 50,000. They liked their work and later gave contracts for 8-9 weighbridges for approx. Rs 50,00,000. Such contracts kept coming to the company. Till 2006, the company’s turnover was approx. Rs. 60,00,00 and in one year it increased to 1 crore 50 lac. This leap was astonishing and unexpected. 


In 2009, Precision bought their own office in Bibvewadi; until then they had a rented office in Katraj. They had only one employee till 2004. In 2009 number increased to 13 & now 25 employees. Mr. Rastogi also began a factory in Jejuri in 2013. They outsourced heavy fabrication till 2013 and would manufacture electronic parts in their office. Their success chart kept growing. They had developed their network in all over India and in 2014, exported instruments to Ghana and Tanzania also. They have also supplied their instruments to Poonch, Tirunelveli and Nagaland. When asked about policy of the company he tells, “From the beginning our policy is to reach and work where ever the opportun Read More

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