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A golden key can open any door Kalidas Haribhau More

Are the children from rich family all spoilt? Doesn’t they have a heart to understand others grief and misery? Don’t they have struggle in life? Aren’t they risk takers? Kalidas Haribhau More’s life is an answer to all these questions.

Kalidas Haribhau More, a founder of Goodwill India has truly proven a saying, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” by Theodore Roosevelt.

Kalidas Haribhau More was born in Kopre village which is approximately 13 kms from Pune. There are majorly More families in Kopre but amongst them Kalidas’s family was rich, well-known and respected.  His father Haribhau More, a farmer by ancestral occupation, was also a MES contractor at Kadakwasla, had a grocery store, sold grains in wholesale prices and two cycle stores in Kopre and Kondhwe village. Haribhau More had six children, two girls and four boys, amongst which Sushila was the eldest, followed by Rohidas, Kalidas, Sulochana, Dilip and Chandrashekhar. Haribhau was very social, generous and helpful. He was popular amongst politicians and thinkers whose visits were regular at their home.                            


Kalidas and his siblings were born with a silver spoon. Their family was blessed with prosperity, luxuries and renowned visitors including politicians and thinkers.  They owned a bike which was imported from England and later assembled in Kopre, had wrist watch, a radio, a rare binocular and much more. The luxuries, they had were those which other villagers in Kopre could never think of purchasing in that period.

Kalidas and his siblings studied at Jeevan Shikshan Mandir, Kopre from 1st to 7th  standard. Later Kalidas and Rohidas came to Pune for their further education. From eight to 11th they studied in Maharashtra Vidyalaya, the only school which would admit children of farmers.

Kalidas continued with studies after his 11th board too. In 1968 he took admission in BCoM at Brihan Maharasthra College of Commerce (BMCC). In 1st year he studied and attended college sincerely and was also elected as the class representative of his ‘A’ section. In second year he became Head of Indian games at his college, which hindered his studies and he failed in more than three subjects. Then he took decision of staying in Ambedkar Hostel in Pune and study seriously. 

He graduated, gave exam for bank and was selected to join in Bank of India. In 1973, he joined as a clerk at Camp Branch of Bank of India with the monthly payment of Rs. 380. He would daily travel from Kopre to Pune for his job and had to daily pay the penalty of working extra-time for reaching late. In 1981 he was promoted as an Officer at Chakan Branch till 1985. Later, he was posted as Officer at Theur for  1 ½ year. His last posting was in Pimplegaon near Nashik after which he took retirement in 1989, even when his service period was remaining for more 20 years.

Two years after joining Bank of India, Kalidas and Rohidas thought of establishing an industry. Hence, in 1975 Universal Industry, a (company’s profile) was established, which Rohidas started handling and Kalidas continued with his job. In the meantime, Kalidas had received a marriage proposal from Shirke family of Gwalior with the intervention of Naik-Navre family of Pune and Ravindra More.  Naik-Navre was the relatives of Shirke’s. In 1975, Kalidas got married to Katyayanee Shirke. She was MSc, BEd by educational qualification and started working in Kendriya Vidyala, NDA, Pune after marriage till 1987. Kalidas shifted in a rented flat in Pune even after the resistance from his family.

After reading all of this, anyone one would question that how does Kalidas’s life an answer to all the previous questions, as the life seems to be merry and lucky. But the scene behind is different.                                          


Kalidas was definitely born with a silver spoon but he always had difficult times, especially in his childhood. Families including other More families in Kopre would envy the prosperity and achievements of Haribhau More’s family. When Kalidas and his siblings were studying in Kopre, other students would never talk with them, would cut off them from their activities and fun. Such conditions would upset Kalidas as he was the most sensitive amongst other siblings. This turned in failure of Kalidas in 1st standard. The isolation from other students increased when Haribhau requested the class teacher to promote him to class 2rd by explaining that he would study hard. Kalidas became alone till his 7th std, no one in school would play with him or befriend him. In other school he faced casteism too.

When everything was happy and healthy, dark shadow doomed More family. Haribhau got a huge contract in MES, at the same time he stood for elections and won in Zilla Parishad.  His more involvement in political life lead to ignorance in other businesses, losing all the bank balance and building a burden of loan. Kalidas couldn’t even bare to pay Rs. 15 for participating in NCC. But he never stopped; he continued studying, where his mother’s encouragement was the biggest push for him.

While working in Bank of India, grief-stricken but genuine people reminded Kalidas of his problems in past.  He would go out of the way to help them. He would take risks for helping them which were paid back in the form of affection and respect from them.

In 1989, he started his own business as a cement contractor of a renowned company. This flourishing business helped him in bringing stability. Meanwhile, he also began a petrol pump and shut the cement business. He paid the last debt of bank in 19 Read More

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