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Positive thoughts The flame of Happiness

“Hidden in every single incident of your life is something good, though sometimes you fail to see it. Positive blooms out of every seemingly negative incident.”

“Let your life be an inspiration. Stay positive and spread positive thoughts to light the flame of happiness”
“Hidden in every single incident of your life is something good, though sometimes you fail to see it. Positive blooms out of every seemingly negative incident.”
One common thing about successful people is that they have unshakable faith in themselves. Some people are beyond fear; they are so bold and determined that nothing seems to discourage them. Dr. Sattyasheel Naik is a fearless individual who can leave you amazed by his extreme faith in self. Born in a traditional family where no one had ventured into the field of medicine, he made the bold decision to be a doctor. Walking the untrodden path isn’t easy and each bold decision is full of challenges. Dr. Sattyasheel N. Naik is a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon and the founder of Naik Hospital. But, what is striking about Dr. Naik is the varied facets to his personality that grip you in the conversation.
Life is a package of challenges. Accept them to leapfrog into success.
Sometimes one incident changes your life completely and gives that one single source of reason to lead the rest of your life with unwavered focus. Nothing seems to budge you from your goal.
Focus with a Bull’s eye:
Dr. Naik was born in a Rajasthani family and his ancestors migrated to Pune (during the time of Peshwas) from a small village called Phulera in Rajasthan. They migrated to Pune to settle in a wada which was named as Naik Wada; a place which is close to his heart. Involved in construction activities for Peshwas no one had ventured into medical field in the Naik family. But, Dr. Naik made the bold decision to become a doctor owing to his father’s unfulfilled aspiration to become a doctor. Dr. Naik’s father was challenged due to his eye sight thus, could not continue his studies. This inspired Dr. Naik to fulfil his father’s dream. Though he was passionate about automobiles in his childhood and wanted to opt for mechanical engineering he chose medicine to fulfil his father’s dream.
Inspite of strong financial background he never whiled away his time or squandered money. He always focused on studying and acquiring knowledge. Money can intoxicate your mind and blur your vision but, it couldn’t falter Dr. Naik. He studied at St. Vincent’s High School and further went to the famous Fergusson College in Pune. Medical education started in D.J. Medical College and he did MS at Sancheti Hospital under the experienced guru, Padmashree and Padmabhushan Dr. K.H. Sancheti.
As a child his parents showered all their love and attention. Life took a challenging turn for Dr. Naik when he passed from college and was eagerly awaiting his results, so that he could pursue further studies in medicine. He scored 1% less and his father had to give donation to secure admission to study medicine. Dr. Naik was a brilliant student and this came as a blow to him; it was shameful and demeaning to him. Infact, he was so perfect in his zoology and botany diagrams that his professors acknowledged and appreciated that his diagrams reflected the clarity of concepts less through writings and more through diagrams, which was quite unique.
For Dr. Naik this was a turning point in his life. He didn’t like the fact that his father had to shell out money for donation. He made a firm resolve to fulfil his father’s dreams and this became the sole purpose of his life. Thus, throughout his learning years he was never diverted and stayed focused on education.
Here his mood transitions to a reflective one and he mentions that in the initial years of medical education students didn’t get guidance on which stream to choose; homeopathy, ayurveda or allopathy. But, teachers like Dr. Pai and Sudhakar Kore guided him to choose MBBS in 1966. Post MBBS the question about which specialization to choose was quite confusing. Dr. K.H. Sancheti a friend of his father aptly guided him to choose the Orthopaedic field. These timely advices from experienced individuals shaped Dr. Naik’s life.
Pillars of success; hard work and dedication:
You can taste fruits of success only if you are willing to work, stay focussed with complete dedication.
Dr. Naik mentions that medicine is all about hardwork, focus and dedication. You have to read a lot, memorize and reproduce the same. While learning, friends were a great support as combined studies helped him to discuss and clarify concepts. He says that even today getting together and discussing cases and challenges in treating patients helps. He believes networking through conferences and discussing with fellow doctors is the best way to keep abreast of new happenings in their field; this enriches your knowledge. A doctor has to continuously study, read and understand new cases because, though human anatomy remains the same, treatment techniques change. With fast changing technology obsolesce level is high.
After his MS in Orthopaedics, Dr. Naik’s father gifted him a land to establish an orthopaedic hospital, which was inaugurated on 6th January, 1979. Many people question, “How did Dr. Naik have the confidence to immediately jump into independent practise?” To which he answers that working with Dr. K.H. Sancheti was a fruitful experience, it provided him with all the knowledge and confidence to start independently. In the initial years of launching the hospital his father’s health wasn’t too well, inspite of which he was actively involved in the activities of the hospitals.
Dr. Naik had a wonderful change in his life when he got married to Meena in 1973 at an early age of 25 years. Meena sacrificed a lot and stood by Dr. Naik; she has been the backbone of his successful life. He completed MBBS and immediately got married. After MBBS he was pursuing MS and practically had no time with her. During those days Dr. Naik was posted as a residential doct Read More

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