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A metal mans journey

A real sutra of his life he says in simple words as – Opportunity is like sunrise, if it is not grabbed in time, it will move away in a moment. And life literally has no meaning, use the opportunity and make your life meaningful.

He was borne to live a metallic life. He would have never thought that Aluminum would become an inseparable part of his life. Today, he is totally dipped into an ocean of Aluminum. His every single part of body has a shade of Aluminum , he inhales it, he lives it, he loves it. He has made Aluminum a member of family, a true friend, not less than a companion. In actual sense, he has given a true identity to Aluminum. Mr. Rajkumar  Rathod, the real brand of this white gold.

Long back in 1960s, when he was not borne, his father Devichand was just in teenage and was living with grandfather, siblings and cousins in Pabal near Shikrapur. Mr. Rajkumar  Rathod remembers his father saying that he used to live in a joint family which cultivated roots of togetherness into the blood.  Mr. Narsaji Rathod who used to run a small grocery shop in Pawal, Devichand was always ready to help him in business. This created an interest of making business in him. Everything was going in desired flow till 1965, when a huge epidemic of Plague struck Pawal. Plague, the name itself is enough dangerous to create its impact and Devichand had experienced its effect. He had seen so many families getting killed in moments, his colleagues , friends, relatives suffered badly due to this. And it was a deciding point for Rathod family to choose a path of survival.

Survival of the fittest is a law for living, but survival of the bravest became “success sutra” for Rathods. It was a brave decision to leave Pawal and getting shifted to Pune. Breaking comfort zone was definitely a painful move. Mr. Narsaji had no concrete future plans, four small kids, their education, family responsibilities. Narsaji had only question marks but no tick of positive solution. But Rathod family always creates a ray of hope and that is true strength of the family.

In Pune, Rathod family used to live in the area of Raviwar Peth in a small single room. So many members and just a single room. But nobody bothered nor complained ever , because they knew, these days would surely disappear if they stay in united. The power of unity gave them a new strength and motivation to live with courage. Mr. Devichand left his education and started helping his father Narsaji in the business of metal utensils. They both used to purchase products from Mumbai and sell them in Pune. But the journey was never so easy . No reservations in railways, they had to accommodate near the space of railway toilets , no passengers were keen to support them. But tough times do not last for a long, tough people do and fortune favors the brave. Their genuine efforts started showing some positive results. A good hearted friend from Gulalwadi, Mumbai helped them and funded some capital. And it happened to be the first dawn of Rathod Metals. Mr. Devichand and his eldest brother Mr Nanchand started Nanchand Narsaji firm and a shop in Raviwar peth. And the journey of struggle was waiting to get transformed into success.

There are no short cuts towards success. There are no alternatives for hard works, and a genuine hard work always ends up into a positive success. If it does not end up into success, then story has not ended up. Devichand would sell utensils from Pune to Sangamner and small villages on scooter to sale Aluminum utensils and collect money. He had to develop his brand so he literally worked hard for it. The manufacturing unit was also established . Devichand promoted his younger brother Mr. Popatbhai Rathod for education and eventually started a rolling mill with him named N. N. Metal Works at Bhawani Peth Poonawala Compound.

And thus, the balance of family relations and business was shaping into a good outcome. Devichand then got married and then his two sons Rajkumar and Vinodkumar gave completeness to the family. Rajkumar , a brilliant student from his childhood always secured highest marks in school days. His school journey started from Saraswati Mandir High School and admitted him in Garware College and I.L.S. Law College for graduation.

Rajkumar was a college going boy then, his father always ask him and his brother to attend few hours in factory. It was the moment when a true businessman in him took birth. Initially he had no actual responsibilities to come up with. Everything was under the control of his father and uncles. Time moved smoothly and in 1987, Rajkumar got married and took over the business .

A visionary creates his new aura in surroundings. Rajkumar was a man moving with the speed of current time.  He entered into the business with a dream of latest technologies and expansions of factories. The moment he saw these dreams, destiny started making a route of success for him. But again the path was not so easy.

Initially when Rajkumar took over the control, had to face many challenges, like handling the workers, vendors, gaining respect and faith from worker union, lack of experience and many more. But as it is said, time and situations are the best teachers. Getting into the situation is always better than giving up. Rajkumar did exactly the same. But problems did not end here, because of some reasons and disputes, Devichand had to get separated from his brothers. It was no more a joint family then, which itself was a shocking moment for Rathod family. But still in this crucial situation, no one broke the threads of relation. The disputes resulted in division of factories, but never created any competitors among the cousins. All brothers divides the products to be manufactured too and nobody interfered into others’ domain. It was a gesture of a mature personality and smart family guy. Truly Rathod family puts a benchmark of balancing professional life as well as family responsibilities.

Times moved away and Rathod Metals was stepping up confidently. Branding and quality of products they manufactured was promising and people were acknowledging positively. Here the smartness of Rajkumar Read More

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