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A Story of self belief and passion

India Success Stories brings you the inspiring life journey of Mahendra Yadav, MD of Accurate Power India Pvt Ltd. Born in a small village in Maharashtra called Pingori his parents worked on farms as labourers. Mahendra’s story is about persistence, tenacity, self-belief and hard work.

The wheel of time (Kaalchakra) moves incessantly, it doesn’t heed to anything, it never halts. In retrospect, you feel surprised about how your life has bloomed and unfolded beautifully. When you pause and think for a moment, ‘How much have I travelled and how much have I achieved?’ you are in awe with yourself. You feel like reminiscing about your own life journey. Today, we have with us Mahendra Parshuram Yadav sharing his life journey with us. He took a fearless plunge to build his dream from scratch, creating a world of success and happiness. 

Born on 15th January 1972, in a village called Pingori in the district of Purandar, which witnessed a drought in his birth year, no one knew what was in store for this little child. His parents worked on daily wages in the farms. Life unfolded with a string of struggles where he had to walk six kilometres to and fro from his school, Jeevan Shikshan Mandir. It would be hard for all of us to believe but, this little child covered a distance of 12 kms by feet everyday to attend school. But, instead of deterring his energy it strengthened his mind and body.

We live in the comforts of the city thus, take everything for granted. Not even for a miniscule of second we wonder how life is for the people who live in remote areas of our country. pingori is one such place where people didn’t have access to basic facilities. Besides being a drought prone area in 1983 electricity too wasn’t available to the villagers. Circumstances weren’t feasible for education. Life of this child was surrounded with challenges, which he was determined to battle. Anyone who would grow in these tough circumstances could have limited his dreams to joining the police force or working as a driver. But, destiny had other plans for Mahendra. His ambitious father decided to send him to Pimpri in Pune to stay with his uncle for further education. Post his 8th standard Mahendra went to English medium school in Pune.

This was a new beginning, with unknown people, surroundings and language. Well, this transition wasn’t easy to cope with, he felt suffocated and decided to leave Pune and return back to his village. He disliked everything there and felt that life in his village was much peaceful and happy. But, his father insisted that his child should study in an English medium school and Mahendra started going to Hindustan Antibiotics School to study further. Mahendra made his father proud by passing 10th Standard examination in one go.

Life took shape when he started going to a college and chose to graduate in Commerce. At a young age he realized his responsibilities and decided to take up a part-time job while studying. He was paid a stipend of Rs. 200, from which he saved some money and bought his first vehicle; a cycle. He travelled all the way to Talegao for work. His mantra was keep walking ahead and never turn back. His life picked speed with only one thought in mind that he had to work hard and there are no short cuts to success. Youth days were full of hard work and ambition with which his life kept moving ahead with immense speed and positivity.

Mahendra took a small temporary room at Kasarwadi and started living with his brother. At Kasarwadi he balanced between his job and education. Early in his life he realized the importance of education. It would be the best investment he could make, which would take him leagues ahead. His job too would stabilize with a degree in hand. So he completed his graduation externally and at the same time worked as an accountant. Two years he worked at Sadashiv Peth in Pune. Life kept throwing challenges at him. This office was based in a residential flat and there was no facility to have his tiffin there. So he had to eat his food from the tiffin ordered from a hotel just opposite to the office.

Even after completing his graduation in the midst of these challenges he opted for further education. He knew that his most powerful weapon is going to be his education and with this strong belief Mahendra completed MCom. He had no knowledge in engineering but, the marketing person from the company left suddenly so he had to take over his responsibility. His salary hiked from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000. But, the biggest impediment while marketing was he lacked fluency in English. He felt a bit disappointed but, it isn’t his nature to give up.

Life took a beautiful turn when he married his love Sandhya, inspite of facing opposition from his family. Sandhya proved to be a great life partner as she encouraged and supported him to quit his present job. She herself took up a job and started working to support him. Mahendra quit his job and started working for a Telco Supplier at Bhosari as an accountant with a salary of Rs. 3500. Realizing Mahendra’s potential his previous employer offered him a job, where he worked for 2.5 years. During this period he sold a good amount of 50-60 generators.


With the drive to start his own business Mahendra Yadav quit his job under the unfading support of his wife Sandhya. With just a meagre saving of 25,000 he took a courageous decision to plunge into business and invested in a computer. Now it was just a matter of time till his company ‘Accurate’ would get the first order. He started tendering quotations and waited for orders to come his way. Then a golden opportunity struck through the first order from Ranka Jewellers, Karve Road. He bagged this order because he tendered the lowest quotation of 2 lakhs. It was an unimaginable moment of immense pride and victory for both Mahendra and Sandhya. All their efforts had paid off and to their delight apart from the order came an advance of Rs. 50,000.

Set on the path of success Mahendra never looked back and worked extremely hard. The only thing that was on his mind was to complete this order; this motivated him to work tirelessly day and night. Assembling went on from 10:30 pm to 2:30 in Read More

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