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Sexual harassment case against Taj CEO Rakesh Sarna made it tougher for Cyrus Mistry

MUMBAI: The handling of a sexual harassment case against Indian Hotels Co. Ltd (IHCL) boss Rakesh Sarna may have been among the factors that led to the shock dismissal of Cyrus Mistry as chairman of Tata Sons on October 24, when Ratan Tata took back the reins at the group’s holding company until a successor is found.
While the woman concerned left the Tata group a year ago, Mistry’s office said he had strictly followed protocols and that an inquiry was ongoing. It rebuffed suggestio ..
Incidentally, IHCL is one of the companies where Mistry remains chairman. While independent directors have backed Mistry, on Thursday Tata Sons called for a meeting of IHCL shareholders to remove its chairman from the board.
Much dirty linen is being aired as both sides have been briefing journalists on and off the record about who did what and when, especially as the next phase of the power struggle is likely to be waged at the companies where Mistry is chairman or director
Source - economictimes.indiatimes.com
Image Source - economictimes.indiatimes.com

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