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JNU students confine VC to Admin block

They were up upset over the administration’s response in finding a missing student.

Students protesting against the Jawaharlal Nehru University Administration’s lack of initiative and effort towards finding student Najeeb Ahmad confined the Vice Chancellor M. Jagdeesh Kumar and other top university officials to their offices all through the night.

Najeeb has been missing since 11 a.m. on October 15 after an altercation with students belonging to the ABVP at the Mahi-Mandavi Hostel.

The students blocked the entry and exit points of the administration block at 2 30 p.m. on Wednesday and are continuing to do so. The VC in a series of tweets said that despite asking the students come to the table for discussion they did not relent. “We met JNUSU leaders and explained to them our sincere efforts in locating the missing. No relenting. It is 2 a.m. We are still confined.”

Students are demanding that the administration file a fresh FIR


Mohit Pandey, president of the JNUSU, said that all negotiations with the administration have failed. “We are still at the block because we simply want the answers from the VC which he has not give us for six days.”

Students are demanding a written complain to the police regarding the missing student as well as well as declare all those who took bart in the alleged violence be declared out-of-bounds from the hostel until a fair enquiry has been conducted.

The university administration has said that when they went to file an FIR on October 15 they were told that Najeeb’s family had already filed an FIR and another one cannot be filed on the same case. Rector Chintamani Mahapatra had said on Wednesday that they are in constant touch with the police to find the missing student and there was not much they could do as nobody knew of his whereabouts.

As to the agglegation of violence at Mahi-Mandavi hostel, he said that a Proctoral Committee has been set up to conduct a fail enquiry and hear all versions of the story. The administration met with Najeeb’s family only four days after he went missing despite his mother having spent every hour outside the Administration Block requesting help to find her son.


Image Source thehindu.com

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