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The Grandmaster

Abhijit Kunte (born 3 March 1977 in Pune) is an Indian chess Grandmaster. He has participated many times in the Indian Chess Championship, winning two gold medals (1997, 2000)  and four bronze medals (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005). He won the British Chess Championship at Edinburgh 2003, and two medals in the Commonwealth Chess Championship (took 2nd, behind Krishnan Sasikiran, at Sangli 2000, and 3rd at Mumbai 2003, Nguyen Anh Dung won off contest). Source":- wikipedia.org  

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Evolution of Chitale Bhandhu Sweet Mart

“Shut your shop the day you feel tempted to add water to the milk, in order to maximize your profit" Build your business on certain unchangeable values. They give you the strength to sustain and earn you goodwill and respect. Decide your values and stick to them; they don’t depend on those of the others Be known as a reliable manufacturer or service provider. Chitale Bhandhu

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KAKA HALWAI the Sweetness of Pune for the Sixth Generations

Sachin Gadve, his brother Sameer and cousins Siddharth, Animish, Abhijit and Ashutosh have everything among them in terms of modern accounting practices, business acumen, technical ability, managerial skills and above all, zeal to succeed. No surprise then that one often hears professional terms like backward integration, QC, R&D popping up in the discussions with them. Money for them, is an essential part of life and business, but not the sole objective of them. It is the family values and busi

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