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The will to achieve your dreams is stronger than everything that comes in its way.  Here is your roadmap to your dreams.

We all wish to be successful, don’t we? Do you wonder what it takes to be successful? At Indiasuccessstories.com we debunk the secret behind success journeys and stories.

The edifice of any successful journey is based on passion, which triggers action. When you feel passionately about something, you dream. Thereon starts this immensely powerful struggle to achieve your dream. Indiasuccessstories.com / Maziyashogatha.com brings you success stories of individuals who have done crazy things to achieve their dreams and fought all odds to follow their passion. Here successful people share their journey to inspire those who wish to be successful.

We understand/believe that passion is inherent in you; it cannot be infused by anything external. But, to trigger action something or someone needs to inspire you. Inspiration drives passion; whenever you hear stories about successful people you get inspired and begin your journey driven by passion.

We have created a platform for all of you who wish to share your success journey and inspire people who are still lingering on the path of success. Why is success eluding them? You have to nurture your passion with knowledge, experience and guidance.

These stories can throw light on these ingredients required to be successful. So learn from inspiring stories that we share with you. Let not success elude you but, embrace you.

It is evident from these stories that people who focus on values, beliefs and passion may not benefit in the short run. But, when they fight all odds to adhere to these three major factors success is just a matter of time.

This platform gives you a unique opportunity to have an insight into the roadmap of success. Based on these stories you can chalk out your roadmap. In a socially plugged-in business environment where reaching out to people is easier, a strong positive word-of-mouth can go a long way to create more success stories. It would motivate, mentor and propel many more inspiring stories. More and more people know your achievements, which undoubtedly will contribute to your further growth.


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